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August 29, 2007
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Older hairstylist Sora - KH by neofox Older hairstylist Sora - KH by neofox
It seemed like a natural given with this picture ( here: [link] ).

I had to, I really did XD

A sort of running gag between me and Kitteh about Sora and his lack of masculinity- that after all is said and done in our story Ikurx, that it's only a natural given that he'd end up as a hair dresser.
It was bound to happen. The boy plays with Riku's hair a few times in the fic. And to paraphrase Riku from the story, Sora is the only person beside himself that he trusts near his hair.
XD And I bet Sora cuts his own hair. Or his mom taught him how. I'm sure Sora's father weeps with the lack of testosterone in his son.

Suuure, if Sora can wield a keyblade I'm sure he can wield scissors. ... Of course- I'd want him to take a few hairdressing courses before he decided to cut my hair 8D

It's kind of strange to see Sora 'older', and in anything but puffy shorts. So given Sora's estranged way of dressing himself, I tried to keep things kinda fun and obscure the way Sora dresses XD
He'd definitely keep the crown necklace, and the crown wallet chain makes an appearance back as a belleh belt. A checkered wrist band (pretend its coloured) , because you know the Roxas inside him would demand Sora wear some sort of checkered article of clothing.
I think my favourite part of the outfit is the bottom of Sora's pants/ his shoes. I don't know why XD I just like that part of his outfit.
The peeking belly button is totally for Riku <3

Drawn. Inked. Scanned. Gussied up in Photoshop.
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sakurasapprentice Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
Looooooooooooove his design full stop. See? There's the full stop.
Anyway his trousers and shoes I love espeicially
xCagedHopex Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009
that picture makes me want to color it in x3

but i completely love the lines you did on it^^
Sapphire-Alex Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009
I really love his clothes.
AnnaLucha Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think he's so totally manly! XD
nyx613 Featured By Owner May 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm with you Neo......I'm not letting Sora near my hair until he's gone through the proper training.

Is it wrong to think that this could actually happen?

I hope not otherwise I'm screwed!
UndergroundRacer57 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
This is freakin awesome. I would love to see it in color. It seems totally fitting for Sora to be drawn as the kind of guy that's really skinny, with tiny legs. I love his pants too. The uneven ends of the pant legs look awesome.
neofox Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thankya, though you can find a coloured version done by Ty found here: [link] <3
UndergroundRacer57 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
Thanks for the link. =]
NightSkys Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008
I agree with all of the things you said in the 'Artist's Comments'. Um.....................c-can I try my hand at colouring this?

(ps. I love Ikurx! That fanfic is boss)
neofox Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Yepyep, just credited me and send me a note with the finished copy :> so I can seee
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