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March 7, 2008
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My 13 outfits - Naruto by neofox My 13 outfits - Naruto by neofox
Sasuke and Naruto's outfits from mine and Kitteh's fic My 13

Anyone who knows me knows that I like tweaking with outfits. Given that the outfits from Shippuden (ShoopDAWhoop) are god awful (completely unfabulous ಠ_ಠ ), I decided to give my own spin on 'secondary outfits'.
I stayed more true to Naruto's outfit... since Naruto's new one just, no, it fits him all wrong and the contour of colours don't compliment him well.
Sasuke.... well, blame Kitteh's love for mesh.


My 13---
Naruto is a Hunter-nin and Sasuke a Missing-nin as well as a member of Akatsuki. Full out garb seen here: [link]
Naruto keeps Sasuke's hitai-ate and when Sasuke returns Naruto gives him his old hitai-ate that he received from Iruka.
The scroll at Sasuke's side is a summoning scroll for his weapon a kusari-gama.
The frog bag is Naruto's shopping bag ( XD I love that bag ), and the frog plush was given to him by Sasuke. Naruto named the frog plush Keroumi. A combination of two words: Kero - 'ribbit' and Koumi - 'taste/flavour/deliciousness/spice'


Draw, inked, scanned. Coloured in Photoshop.
I've been playing around with colouring, getting some practice since I don't colour much. It's been nice and I'm learning some techniques in Photoshop while toying around with colouring styles.
I usually prefer working with monocromatics and single tones, so it's nice to roll up my sleeves and play with full out colour.
My favourite parts would have to be that orange shadow on the bag and the reflective metals of the hitai-ate XD The subtleties I guess. Also the shading underneath the mesh.

Edit: Updated image with tweak of face and bg
DjDeathstar Aug 11, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Well, I do think Sasuke look good in fishnet... and anything goth. :) And when I think of Naruto, I think "energetic snowboarder". XD

Well done!

i want both their outfits!!!XD:love:
Omg! That's too cute!!! :D

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