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November 12, 2008
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Mew mew? - Naruto by neofox Mew mew? - Naruto by neofox

Based on future events after the end of mine and Kitteh's fic My13. Sasuke and Naruto split up because Sasuke tells Naruto of a fling he had with his brother in Akatsuki prior to returning to Konoha. During the split Sasuke finds Naruto on a date with some girl. x8

A mock comic panel based on the same events can be found here (which is also the 'spectacle' Sasuke speaks about): [link]

Snippet for top panel:

Naruto rested his chin down on his knees, just watching Sasuke. Even if there were bouts of silence between them at least Sasuke would know he was still there, even with the hitai-ate over his eyes, since he would feel his weight through the mattress. But he was struggling with a topic, neutral topics were hard to come by and he wasn't the master of intelligent conversation.

"S-so I guess you're on sick leave right?" Naruto shifted. "Do you know when you'll start doing missions again?"

"Not really." Sasuke didn't even want to think about missions. He had actually forgotten about such things the entire time he had hidden himself away, he only worried about his rank the day he had made a spectacle of himself. It was only inevitable the topic would be brought up. "I'll have to start up again at some point if I want to pay the rent on this room. I just don't feel much up to anything right now."

Snippet for bottom panel:

An idea came to Sasuke's mind; one that was sure to backfire, but there was nothing to lose by now. He reached around to dig inside the night table that was beside the bed until he got what he was looking for. Sasuke crawled over and settled himself a safe enough distance away from Naruto, just enough so he could reach over and rest a certain plush cat on Naruto's knee.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke spoke for the plush cat while he urged it to poke Naruto's head with its nose. "Why are you so sad, mew-mew?"

That simple little childish act had tears falling from Naruto's eyes, he was caught between several emotions. He quickly rubbed his eyes and peeked over his arm to look at the kitty plush that poked his head. "H-hello Hana." Naruto couldn't keep the smile away even if his eyes were glossy from tears. He snuck a hand out to pet Hana on the head as if the kitty was real. "I'm sad because I'm worried about Sasuke."

"Why are you so worried about him, mew-mew?”

"Cuz... he's all sick. A-and I want to make sure he's okay." Naruto sniffled again and he couldn't help unfolding his arms to toy with Hana's ears. "Even if we're not together, that doesn't mean I want him to hurt. Even if I'm angry at him, even if I'm hurt and feeling betrayed, I want him to be happy. Because if Sasuke can be happy, I know I can be happy too."

"He didn't mean to hurt you, mew-mew." Hana's voice had grown much softer and more broken. "He never wanted to hurt you at all. But I don't think he'll ever really be happy again, because the only thing that ever really mattered to him is gone, mew-mew."


Drawn in Sai (a while back )
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