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May 26, 2009
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Kurokage Seiya by neofox Kurokage Seiya by neofox
Kitteh's ( *Insanity-Icons ) Naruto OC and Kurokage for the WIP club for ninja OCs ~kagegakure

Kagekagure; village hidden in shadow, is lead by two Kurokage.
Toneriko [link] the Shodaime ( the first Kurokage ) and Seiya the Nidaime ( the second Kurokage).

Name: 誠や Seiya ( "sincere one" )
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Seiya is mostly very calm and level headed when it comes to everyday situations. He isn't one to be quickly ill tempered. It is when he is in battle that his care for humanity takes a hike and he becomes a more emotionless individual.
Strengths: He is very strong willed sometimes to a point of being a little stubborn. Although he isn't ill tempered it doesn't stop him from being open about how he feels and speaking his mind.
Weaknesses: He can get too hung up on the past and fears losing those close to him much like he did before. He even fears for his Mao companion and Toneriko even though both could easily take care of themselves without his help.
Jutsu type: Star jutsu from his former village Hoshigakure, Shadow jutsu taught to him by Toneriko
Fighting style: Ninjutsu
Signature jutsu move: Classified!
Weapon: Two octogan sai
Summon: Shāmò Māo ( "Desert Cat" [link] )
History: Classified!

Drawn in Paint Tool Sai / etc in Photoshop
Though Naruto is not my property, Seiya is Kitteh's ( *Insanity-Icons ) Σ:3
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ShadowsAndLight Jul 2, 2009  Student General Artist
He's so cute! I just love how his hairstyle fits him. *whistles* low cut pants, huh?
neofox Jul 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Just below the belly button isn't too low c; It's more like high cut t-shirt.
love the wepons and the outfit
WestK May 26, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I love how you can express movement and everything with just tones. You don't need colors in your art, and that makes it stand out. I cannot wait to see what other ninjas you have in your head~!

Just out of curiosity, although I'm sure you've been getting this a lot, when will Kagekakure be open for submissions? I've been doodling a ninja girl for a few months now, preparing for it :3
neofox May 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
XD When Kitteh and I get off our procrastinating butts... We're mostly kinda stuck for missions x8 For people to draw/ write
WestK May 30, 2009  Student Digital Artist
aaaaaaah!! that explains it! Well, I'm as patient as they come. I'm just uber-excited about it, is all. X3

So lovely and the outfit its beautiful *w*
I adore his expression.
Oooh. I like it. Cute kitty =3
Nic pic, reminds me of Sai.
neofox May 26, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Psshhhhh, Seiya is better than Sai. Seiya has a personality 8B ♥ And a kitty.
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